Creating a Learning Community

The first months of school are focused on creating a new learning community.  Every moment at school is a chance to build a friendship, solve a problem and negotiate their world.  September is  a month of routine– what do we do now, where do we go from here, how to wash our  hands, how to take a turn, the list of “how to” is a long one!!  By October our routines are more comfortable and the we begin to focus more on Friendship Strategies.

Friendship Strategies are introduced by the Friendship Fairy who leaves us ideas of how to be friends and how to be together at school.  So far we have been exploring:

  1. Ask a Question
  2. Give a Message (using words)
  3. Use Listening Ears
  4. Take a breather
  5. Get Help

Integrated into practicing these strategies are exploring different feelings and emotions.  What does happy, excited, sad, angry, confused feel like?  How do we act when we have these different feelings?  We believe teaching emotional awareness and self -regulation skills go hand-in-hand with problem-solving skills and are at the core of our early childhood program.