The Mountain
The Mountain Room is our main entrance and is also one of our main studio spaces. It is where each child has a cubby, parents can sign in and out and have the opportunity to view parent information on the bulletin board. In this studio space children explore the many languages of materials such as clay, paint, wire, recyclable materials and paper and writing tools to communicate stories, ideas and knowledge. This space is also used for morning meeting, music circles, and story sharing.
The Garden & Outdoor
img_2888 Our two outdoor classrooms are wonderful spaces for children to be connected to the natural world as they play and explore physical skills. We plant seeds and maintain our garden as well as investigate the properties of water and soil.
The River
img_8240 This is a fluid space that is used for eating, cooking and many sensory table activities.
The Ocean
img_8657 This is a special place to explore light, shadows and other natural materials. In this space children are invited to act out stories in our shadow theater.
The Meadow
img_3043 This open, sunny space invites children to explore the languages of dramatic play, natural materials, writing table and collage materials. These experiences are all designed to build the pathways of creativity and to build on children’s prior knowledge and interests.